Wicket is now a top level Apache project

We are now officially graduated! Soon you can find as at http://wicket.apache.org.

I’d like to parrot Martijn, thanking the board, our mentors and ourselves for getting there. Hieperdepiep… hoera!

It’s all coming nicely together now: graduating, releasing 1.3 and entering MEAP with Wicket In Action all this summer.

We sometimes wonder how many people have installations with Wicket by now. Though there are a number of public ones we know of, like Thoof, Eventful, Vegas, Meetmoi, Zoomf, Sell@Market, Genietown, B-Side, Voicetribe, Datawink, Trackdetective, and a couple of sites with difficult names :), and we know of a couple of open source projects that use or build on Wicket, like Pax Wicket, Webical, Artifactory, JTrac, Tally-ho, Irrigator, Burgerweeshuis and Papernapkin’s pastebin, I expect most sites using Wicket to be intranet sites. That is just because it is my uneducated guess that about 80% of the webapps produced today are internal systems rather than public facing. I also expect that we only learn of a fraction of the web applications built with Wicket. I base that on the fact that I’ve been using many open source projects over the years, and rarely have signed up for their mailing lists or otherwise let people know I was using their project, and also because I have spoken to quite a few people during the last year who did not list their projects on the Wiki, but told me they were already doing their 3rd or 4rd project with Wicket.

Anyway, even if we don’t really know how well our real ‘penetration’ is, it is great to see that since the start, downloads and subscribers only have been growing, and that there is hardly any negative publicity on the framework. And that actually surprises me. There are so many choices to make in software development, that you’ll always have loads of people who think you’re doing it all wrong.

Another thing that is great is that even Wicket 1.2, our current stable release, works well for so many people. Our next release, Wicket 1.3, of which we hope to release the second beta this weekend, is a lot better than it’s predecessor in almost every aspect. I won’t go into detail here, but please, this weekend: download it and try it for yourself! Or download a snapshot from our repository of course.

7 thoughts on “Wicket is now a top level Apache project

  1. Lijin says:

    Is wicket(component model) is better than struts2 (MVC structure)?

    When integration of Spring comes how u rates Wicket ? Is the coding in Java and low html is more advanced than the struts2?

    Expecting a reply from you .. Thanks :)

  2. Hi Lijin,

    In short, yes, component orientation has lots of advantages. Wicket also integrates fine with Spring – it has a subproject to do that.

    There are many discussions on Wicket vs … If you google around a bit, search the mailing lists, you’ll find plenty. For instance this post.

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  4. Remco says:

    Hi Eelco,

    Congratulations to you and the Wicket Team! I still can remember the first time you told me about Wicket some years ago. Since then it has grown up a lot. I have learned many things (also non-wicket things) just by reading the wicket sources and reading about best practices. Thanks!!

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  6. roofimon says:

    I just start using Wicket for a month and really love it. By the way, I’m in Thailand :-)
    Very exciting when I saw your Thailand trip.

  7. Cool. My girlfriend is Thai (though we met in the US where she’s been living for over 10 years) and we plan to get married in Thailand in februari :)

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