Wicket In Action almost done

Honestly, the book – Wicket In Action – is aaaallmost done. We’re doing the very last edits, and most of the chapters are in the production stage. Incredible, what a huge amount of work goes into writing a book. Without the help of Manning’s excellent staff, I would have been very close to giving up tbh.

The good thing about being done (well almost) is that for the first time in two years, I’ll actually be able to have some spare time without feeling guilty. And what I’ll do with that? Play music of course! I’ve played guitar forever, and have been singing for a few years (which finally is getting a bit better, thanks to my awesome coach), and I recently bought a bass guitar, keyboard, couple of mics and a decent multitrack recorder. Man, I’m ready to have some fun! :-)

Anyway, for all of you who bought the early access version and/ or have been patiently (very patiently I might add) waiting until the book is done, thanks for hanging in there, and thanks for supporting Wicket!

2 thoughts on “Wicket In Action almost done

  1. Ahh… a man after my own heart. Writing and playing music is where it’s at.

    Enjoying learning about Wicket,


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