Now on your door mat: Wicket In Action

Finally, we’re done! Wicket In Action, the dead tree edition, is out! Order it from the publisher, Manning, get it from Amazon, or maybe even a store near you. I hope it will be useful for people. First reviews have been good. If you like the book, please don’t be shy rating it on Amazon and other sites :-)

15 thoughts on “Now on your door mat: Wicket In Action

  1. Gurnam Bedi says:

    Congratulations Eelco!

  2. Per says:

    I really like the PDF and print combo. Now that the paper version has arrived, I feel complete. :-)

    Well done!

  3. Gabriel K. says:


    I received my copy of WIA. Great!
    Thanks a lot , guys!

  4. Tim O'Brien says:

    Wonderful book. I’ve been working with Wicket for some time, and it has kept on delivering. This book was exactly what Wicket needed, and I’ve already purchased a few copies for colleagues. Thanks for the effort.

  5. ely says:

    Hi Sir Eelco,

    Sorry for being out of place here. But, I am desperately looking for answers. I got a problem in wicket. How do I return xml content type to the client’s request? This for use with our site’s remote API. For example, a request to would return


    Please help me sir with this.
    Thank you very much.

  6. Ely,

    Create a bookmarkable page (with empty and/ or pageparameters constructor) and put this in it:

    public String getMarkupType()
    return “xml”;

    See the example ‘XmlPage’ in the component reference that is part of the wicket-examples project.

  7. ely says:

    Sir Eelco,

    Thank you very much Sir. I will try that now. I’ll buy your book to learn more on Wicket. It really is a nice framework.

  8. Glad you like it :-) And there are always the mailing lists to go with your questions. Good luck.

  9. Cor Takken says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that the book published in 2008 (the one sometimes on my bookshelf) is written on pre 1.4 wicket (i.e. without generics thrown into the mix) and this results in a quite time-consuming search for the right type of class/object/type… -give it a name- to use in the generics when wanting to use version 1.4 (either that or use the @SuppressWarning annotation quite extensively.

    I am therfore wondering: are there any plans on writing a book with version 1.4 in mind?

  10. Hi Cor,

    As a matter of fact, we’re negotiating that right now. Nothing much I can say about it right now, but yes, we are hoping we can get it updated.

  11. dijikrid says:

    Hi Eelco,
    any news on the book update?

    • Eelco says:

      Nope, sorry. I think that at this stage, it would be pretty much with Manning. Martijn might be interested in being involved in that, and we had a few other people who might, but nothing beyond that.

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